They say prevention is better than a cure, the same can be said with regard to injuries.

The best way to prevent any form of injury may be achieved through screening. This may be done through various assessments which may be functional and joint specific. This helps us establish a base line of general well being to which a specific program is developed in order to maintain an overall injury or pain free state.

The program may include anything from developing a stretching routine to your normal activities of daily living, activation exercises in order to help maintain correct posture, muscle and joint specific exercises to help stabilise and strengthen any imbalances and or advice on regular physiotherapy visits to maintain joint movement and an optimal muscle function/lengths.

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Pre-habilitative Treatment:

Prevention is always better than cure. By means of analysis, evaluation, implementation of preventative exercises and/or treatments and education, we try and prevent injuries and conditions arising in order for the client to not have to go through the trouble of having an injury and then having to go through the whole rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitative Treatment:

Rehabilitation is the ability to regain and restore something back to its original state/full potential. Exercise may help increasing heart rate, stimulating circulation and blood flow.

Rehab shouldn’t be limited to those who participate in sport, it works a variety of systems and therefore people of different ages would benefit.

Physio may prescribe rehab for the following: strengthen, stabilise, mobility, also to help with proprioception, plyometrics, functional training and re-introduction back to sport/work/home.


Please note that all payments are done by the client on every visit. The client will then submit his/her own claim to the respective medical aid. Cash and Credit card facilities are available. EFT’s will be allowed on the therapist’s discretion.

Treatment will not be allowed unless the account has been settled, or any prior arrangement has been made.